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I'm sorry..

by Adam Murphy

I don't know how to say this
without sounding dumb
but i hate when you act
like your emotions are numb
I know somethings wrong
but you refuse to say
as if your too strong
to not be OK..
Was it something i did?
something i said?
the more it stays hid..
the more i wanna be dead
I can see through your eyes..
Your drowning inside..
as you silence your cries
and make your pain hide
just tell me please...
What did i do?
Did i go too far with my tease?
Or forget to say "I love you"?
Why must you be so proud?
Acting like your made of steel..
Are you just afraid to say it out loud?
And let the wound heal?
skrew it..I give up..
Your too damn stubborn
i got a life to live up
as you make my eyes burn..
I don't know my mistake
But WHATEVER it was
I hope these two words will take
so it doesn't hurt like it does
I'm Sorry.