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The Princess Of My Heart

by DooDee

There you stood ,
Talking to her
Laughing and smiling ,
OH how happy you were !

I turned my back and left ..
No need for me to see more
My eyes cried all night
In the morning they were sore
My heart felt betrayed
Sadness washed down my soul
You caused me so much pain
Deep , Deep Down that it reached my core

In the following days
My phone rang and rang
My mobile beeped
My Doorbell sang
I didn’t want to talk to you
So I didn’t answer them , Not even the door's heavy bang
(Between Doubts)
that’s where I want you to hang

One day I was walking alone
I left all my friends with a " Bye "
You suddenly blocked my path
Started talking without Even saying " Hi "
You needed an explanation
You Needed an answer for your " why "

You want to know what's wrong ?
I saw you talking with I don’t know who !
You were enjoying your time !
Is that a thing you are proud to do !
I never betrayed , Not cheated
I never looked at any other guy But YOU !

You don’t trust me girl
I cant deny that you made me sad
Don’t you know me ?
Cant tell if I am good or bad ?
You Loved my because I am different
Not like any other lad
I don’t want to lose you
Risk everything precious that I ever had

I am a human and I like to talk to people
I am not saying anything new
I talk to many girls
I cant say it isn’t true
But in t in my heart and soul
There's no one but YOU

So My Lovely Girl You might not believe me ,
But all I want is for you to know one thing
These girl that I talk to
To me , they mean nothing
But there's one princesses that owns my heart
To me , she means everything