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You're the One

by Erin

You're the one, the person that will always have my heart,
Nobody else compares, you had it from the start,
You're the one, I just can't let you go,
You might be far, but my love will forever show.

You're the one, I know this and I'll never deny,
I love you so much, It makes me so happy I cry,
You're the one, my love I just can't comprehend,
You're my fiance, your my best friend.

You're the one, without you I'm lost,
To get to you, I'd pay no matter what the cost,
You're the one, you understand me so well,
Just to see you smile, I'd travel all the way to hell.

You're the one, It will always be that way,
Every breath I take, every single day.