Read Love Poems


by Lexi Lou

If the world was to crumble
right beneath your feet
would you laugh mockingly
and just pull up a seat?

if someone near you was hurt
would you just laugh
or call the person that hurt them some names
to get them off your back?

if someone died
would you pretend to not care
would you go to the funeral
and be the only one who doesn't cry there

if an instance came up
where you truly fell
would you turn away
or come out of your sensitive shell

if is a question
i could ask a million times
and every time you give me an answer
i cant tell if your lying

your so caught up in being strong
you come across as weak
and so everyone laughs
at the dumb insults that you speak

so on the subject of if
if i tell you of my heart
will you be kind?
or will you have fun tearing it apart?