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Finding My Way Back

by Unseen Exposure

I've lit my own candle of love
To lead my way through the night
And when dawn awakes my slumber
I'll unwind my wings for flight

My journey here is endless
And across the horizon I see hope
So I'll sail my lonely ship along the ocean
And through this life, I'll cope

And while the ocean may get rough
And my sails may bend and break
I know that just on the other side
Is a journey I'm determined to make

The swells may swallow me whole
But I'll start over and build a new
The lighthouse lights in the distance
Will guide my way through

Squals may change my course
And the wind may be too strong
But on the other side of these waters
Is where I'm home, where I belong

Across the ocean, I see love
I can almost feel the warmth of its embrace
The tender touch of emotion
Tears of joy stream down my face

I'll get there, I can feel it
If it's the last thing in the world I do
Honey, I'm sailing my way home
And I will make it back to you.