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The things I’d Do

by Johnny Mac

To hold you forever
To kiss you goodnight
To only lay beside you
A list of things I’d do

For each second with you
I’d give a day of life
For every day I wait
The sooner I get my wife
For every drop of water
And every fish in the sea
I’d sing you twice as many lullabies
If you’d fall in love with me
For every time you cry
I’d be at your side
For my arms won’t descend
Until every things alright
For a night alone
I’d die a thousand deaths
Drown under your feet
With this love I speak
I’d tear the heart from my chest
Get washed away in rivers of rain
Dive open armed into your hurricane
I’d fight for you
Whether you’re right or wrong
I’d die for you
To end our perfect song
Based on these dreams, based on a love so true
I made a list of things, I’ll never get to do