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Is it?

by MeL JoY

Is it normal
To go around
Always having you on my mind?
Wondering what you've done to me
How your love made me so blind..

Is it strange
To miss
All the times we had?
Cause everyday without those times
I can't help but to be sad..

Is it foolish
To miss you like crazy
Wanting to have you back?
Cause you're the one I need in my life
You're the one I lack..

Is it weird
To keep hoping
And praying to God above?
To bring me back together again
With the person that I love..?

Is it fair
To be alone
Without you by my side?
Just because I didn't show
The feelings I tried to hide..?

Is it too late
To say I'm sorry
And to want you to be near?
Cause never seeing you again
Is my greatest fear..

Is it okay
To forget the pain
And making a new start?
Cause I want you more than anything else
You're the one that has my heart..

Is it wrong
To still feel
For you in this way?
Cause I'm asking myself if you still do
Every single day..

Is it right
Telling you
About the way I feel?
Cause I want you to know
That my love for you is real..?

Is it true
That you once
Loved me too with all your heart?
If it is, please tell me why
We have to be apart..?