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Wedding Vows

by Tiffany Marie

I promise to love you always,
To love you with all my heart.
From now on we'll be together,
Till death do us part.

I will love you and cherish you,
Until the sun stops burning.
I will do the honor and be your wife,
It's you I'm always yearning.

To know that you loved me,
Brought love from the start,
To know that you will be faithful,
Is the key to my heart.

In you I can share my thoughts,
You are my lover, My best friend.
You have taken me to the highest point.
You have taken me places I've never been.

To you I promise my love,
I promise to be faithful and true.
These words would mean nothing,
If I didn't have you.

You are the love of my life,
I hope you always know,
I love you more than anything in the world,
I won't ever let you go.

I promise to be you're everything,
This is my vow to you,
I cant believe that today is the day,
That I am going to say "I Do".

I gave you my heart years ago,
But now you are getting my hand,
As you place the ring upon my finger,
It is here with you that I will stand.

I have told you many things,
And I have meant most of them,
But the words that I meant the most,
Was "I will love you until the end".

I love you,
And I am honored to be your wife.