Read Love Poems


by Molly Elizabeth

I might be going crazy
and maybe I'm wrong too
but I keep on thinking
maybe theres still a little hope
of me and you.

Because I can still remember
the first time you held
your hand in mine.
And I can still remember...
the first time
I was afraid to lose you,
the first time you made me cry.

I know you've never meant to hurt me. I know, in some ways
you still care.
And I know If I really needed you,
you'd still be there.

I remember how you kissed me,
that first time...
I remember how we laughed,
I remember before when I'd cry.
I don't remember ever hurting
as long as I was with you.
So I just keep on hopeing...
maybe in a while,
you'll come through.

You know I often wonder,
what I ever did wrong.
I often think I'm not good enough.
Or maybe my love for you
was too strong.
I often feel wasted,
as If there was no use.
But I keep thinking of what we had.
Your my one excuse.

Even If im wrong,
about this predicted reunion.
You keep me going on,
you'll always be my reason for living.

I still see you looking,
a little lost inside.
I can't help but wonder,
If your missing me inside.

You've been with others,
since you had me.
But have you ever found it?
Found what you had with me?

I know It hasn't been the same.
With those other girls.
I know they don't get you,
I know they just don't see you.
It's all based on looks,
but for you they just don't care.
And I hope you know...
If you lose it all,
I'll forever be here.

So I'll sit here,
I'll wait...
Just incase,
you realize your mistakes.
Because I love you,
that I can't deny,...
and I'll always love you...
although lately this little hope makes me cry.