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My love and Feelings towards you!!

by kate

Every time I'm with you,
there’s a constant smile on my face.
The piece missing from my heart,
you have somehow replaced.

You know that I care about you,
but you don't know how much.
I find myself falling in love,
with someone I feel I can trust

I love it when you hold me,
and look into my eyes.
I love to feel your body,
when it's pressed against mine.

I constantly have butterflies in my stomach,
And I can hardly speak;
My heart is always pounding so fast,
And my knees feel so weak.

Even though I do not know much,
I think that I have finally found,
The one who I will always be with
Till god puts me into the ground.

I want to tell you this,
how I really feel.
But I find it hard to admit,
that this is all so real.

The love that we share now
Will being holding our future together.
I wanted to let you know first in hand
That I’m making big, big plans.

All it involves is me and you,
And it all started when you made me
Fall in love with you.