Read Love Poems


by MeL JoY

What do you mean by "I like you too"
I'd like to know what that exactly means to you
And tell me please what that means for me
Does that mean that maybe, someday we can be?

Will there ever be such day,
Or will you just push me away?
Are we meant to be for each other
Or am I just a girl, another?

Please stop keeping me hanging on a string,
You know for you I'd give anything
And I feel like it is eating me from inside,
Wanting to tell you all the feelings that I hide..

But what if I tell you but you don't want to know,
Should I let my feelings show?
Please, just give me a sign or a clue
If you like me too the way I like you..

Tell me now cause I've already waited so long,
Tell me if I am right or wrong?
Was it worth waiting all these years,
Was it worth shedding all those tears

Hoping and praying for you to be mine?
Acting that I would be fine
Not knowing if you love me too
While all the time I loved you true..

Am I more for you than just a friend?
Show me now and put my suffering to an end..!
Cause I feel like I can't take it anymore
All the time just waiting for-

You to reveal your feelings to me,
You were always the only one I could see..
But there is a time I will have to move on,
If you can't show me yours, my feelings will be done..