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Told me

by Lisa

You told me that you Love me
Just the other day
I couldn’t seem to respond
Like I didn't know what to say

My heart began to beat
Like it never has before
I felt inside a heat
That burns like flame from war

My mouth just wouldn't move
My voice just wouldn't sound
My lungs, they wouldn’t breathe
My hands they felt so bound

I wish I could’ve seen it
The look that took your face
When you said those words
You meant it
Feelings you can’t erase

It took me a short while
Just to say it back
And although I wasn’t sure
My feelings haven’t lacked

I know now
That I love you
Feelings I can’t deny
But when you say you love me too
Sometimes I think it’s just a lie

You say it oh so often
And with such a graceful ease
You sometimes forget to say the I
Like “Love you” is enough to please

I’m begging you to show me
That the words you say are true
Give them lots of meaning
I don’t want to say we’re through

I love you with the deepest love
I tell you everyday
I say it loud, I say it proud
I love you in everyway
Please say it back
And take your time
I just want to hear it
The sound of love that’s in your voice
When you tell me how you mean it