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Angel In Disguise.

by Marta

It was that one day
When you and I met
A remarkable feeling
That I'll never forget.

You're eyes so blue
As blue as glittery ice
My heart really danced
And skipped a beat twice.

With your hair so dark
And luscious lips so fragile
Your smirk so delicate
Making every tear worthwhile.

The person that you are
Makes me melt inside
You're so understanding
And your minds open wide.

You've been through alot
But I feel that we can share
The pain we have felt
And become a happy pair.

I think you're the one
I've been looking for
Cos that sad feeling
I can't feel anymore.

We already shared
Good times together
It's only been awhile
Since I had fun occur.

Remember that one day
We left the school behind
The closer we became
And left our feelings unwind.

That smoke we both shared
Laughing till our tears flowed
And I think at that moment
My heart and mind explode.

Standing in the frigid cold
You came closer to me
Only to feel your warmth
And let my soul spring free.

My blood's boiling inside
Just from being with you
From all the realization
And things I never knew.

The way you look at me
I feel accepted in your eyes
Understood and loved
You're my angel in disguise.