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Is Love a Four Letter Word?

by Dark Savior

Love is a four letter word
Love can be spoken but not heard
Love is everlasting and true

Love was meant for me and you
Love is not just a word, but a who
Love is a sick kid who helps an old lady

Love is something that drives you crazy
Love is felt and not spoken, am i right maybe?
Love is always there if you look hard enough

It's never something that comes tough
It's Not something that can be told for you
It's your favorite cartoon...captain kangaroo

It's that baseball you caught and gave to your dad
It's that special little suprise you setup for your mom
It's what you feel when you know you can't be wrong.

It's the person who watched out for you in school
It's the one you ran to when all others were cruel
It's the Jersey hanging in your closet

If you know what love is then it's because of you
If you know how it feels then it is because of you
if somene else knows how it feels it's because of you

If you don't know how it feels, then you shut it out
If you don't know then instead of a smile it was a pout
if you don't know then i feel sorry for you

Love is....indescrible, you have to feel it for yourself