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The experience

by sara b

Undressing me with your eyes
wanting to get deep inside
placing your sweet lips on mine
carefully caressing me down my side

lying here in front of you
you stop,look and stare
telling me i am beautiful
whether clothed or bare

you softly kiss my thighs
making my juices boil and rise
my hardened nipple under your hand
as you stop and begin again

roaming my body with your lips
licking me tenderly between my hips
running my fingers through your hair
this is ecstasy when you are so near

feeling the excitement flowing out of me
you quickly stop and kiss my knee
seeing the smile upon your face
telling me you love my taste

your body pierces into mine
filling me deep inside
placing kisses upon your neck
digging my nails into your back

as our bodies fill with the ultimate pleasure
this is a time we will always treasure
you and me become one
this cannot be called anything but love