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My Dear Ali

by Johnny Marlin 2

She Is An Angel
Of Mercy And Grace
But What Is She Doing
In My Personal Space

I Don't Deserve Her
I Know This Is True
I Try To Tell Her
And She Replies "I Love You"

She Means The World To Me
And I Couldn't Go On
Without Her In My Life
The Fear Is Now Gone

The Fear Of Being Loved
And The Fear Of Commitment
The Fear Of Being Chosen
And The Fear Of Abandonment

She Stepped Into My Life
But Why Didn't I See
What I Have Always Wanted
Was Right In Front Of Me

But Why Aren't We Happy
She Always Makes My Day
I Love Her So Much
In Every Single Way

Only Time Will Tell
Of Companionship and Trust
For Hopes Of The Future
I Won't Allow Are Love To Rust