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My love is all for you

by Reesa

My Love is All for You

Every time I see your face
It makes me just want more
You have giving me everything
And this I can’t ignore

The love that I feel for you
It has taken me away
I don’t think I could ever let go
I want to be with you every day

Your kiss is like a drug
It has full control over me
Your lips so powerful
And yet I wonder if you even see

Your touch it’s like a poison
It sooths my body numb
It takes away all the pain
Its seems there’s nothing I can’t overcome

Your smile is the sweetest obsession
A picture of your soul
When I see you standing in front of me
It makes my entire life feel whole

But you babe can not contrast
To anything that I can make clear
You are the love of my life
And this I volunteer

I could never imagine anything else
But loving only you
I promise this forever
It will always be the truth!

I can only hope that you feel the same way
But life has no guarantees
I just want you to know how I feel
Because you are everything to me.