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Love has no age

by SammiBABY

You can say what you want to say,
But i know love doesn't work that way,
You can do what you want to do,
But I'll never forget what we went through.
You don't know everything, neither do I,
But I know that what you're saying is a lie.
You're never to young, you are never to old,
But there's one thing I believe I'll treat love like gold,
I don't know everything but I do know this,
Feelings have no rules and that's all that love is.
Nobody's perfect, not you, not I,
But for you I love, I'd trully die,
Love is a feeling, like your heart could matter,
I know I'm in love, so what you say doesn't matter.
We wrote this poem on a blank page,
To say that love has no age.