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My Love I Want to Show

by Daniel Ward

Have you been in love,
completely and utterly so,
with a special person,
who didn't even know.
they thought of you,
as just a good friend,
never did they think,
that in love it would end.
and you finally told them,
layed your heart on the line,
praying that they felt the same,
and that your souls would entwine.
then they told you something,
that good friends they wanted to stay,
they didn't want to hurt you as others had,
and so the pain came in a new way.
from loving someone truly,
and being with them a lot,
knowing you couldn't have them,
the pain making your happiness rot.
you don't know if you can take it,
not being able to give them the love they deserve,
because they truly are special,
and the pain shoots through every nerve.
my special friend I say to you,
that I want to let you know,
Clarissa I care deeply for you,
and to you, my love I want to show.
for I want to give what you deserve,
a love that is completely true,
I want to hold you in my arms,
and give my heart to you.