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Kiss Me

by FTS Miles

Wash winter waves,
Bathe my aged aching flesh,
Lick away my broken dreams
With salt mist and
Moonwhite foam,
Until currents caress
Me to your shore.
Bonfire walk burn
Through me as I
Stride upon your sands.
Dry my baptism,
Dance and flicker and rage
To warm my numbness
In preparation for my
Kiss me winds,
Whisper to me in rose
And raspberry and
Seaside juniper,
Sing to me of what will come,
And revive my Voice
Even as it fades.
Shroud me pines,
Hide my needlerasp footfalls
In midnight greens
And stormtossed rustling
Until in star and moon
Your eyes glow soft before me.
Only then will I chant
My dreams and visions manifest,
And lay my heart
Within your eternal embrace.