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Through My Eyes.!.!.

by Saravana Kumar S

Whenever you cry,i will not be coming near,
i feel like dying whenever i see your tear,
even though I'm not really afraid of dying,
I'm afraid that you might never stop crying.

Tears don't belong to your beautiful eyes,
they belong to my ocean that never dries,
each and every tear that comes from your cries,
is like a blood dropped from my painful eyes.

My hands might not wipe all your tears away,
or stop all the difficulties coming in your way,
but i can sit along side you,and cry all day,
praying only happiness should come in and stay.

Whenever you feel,your heart is broken apart,
don't worry,i will give a piece of my heart,
my heart will mend all the pieces of your heart
and when everything is over,it will depart.

As long as i live,i want you to always smile,
your smile is what makes my life worth while,
your smile can brighten the dark cloudy skies,
your smile can even make the dead to rise.

My love might seem strange for you to know,
i guess,true love is always difficult to show,
i hope these feelings will make you to realize,
how much i care and love you "Through my eyes."