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The One and Only...

by lakitu

You've always been there for me,
you've always been the one,
who's turned me from the dark clouds,
and tuned me towards the sun.

I've always kept my feelings hidden,
i've always kept them locked away,
but no matter how hard i try,
i think about you every day.

you make me smile and laugh,
you make my world seem bright,
but deep down i know,
that this just isn't right.

I've always felt this way,
i've really always known,
that your the only one for me,
and each day that feelings grown.

Then one day i found out,
That you had a girlfriend,
i cried and i sobbed
thought my world was going to end.

I've never told you how i feel,
and now i fear its much to late,
but to me you'll always be,
so much more than a mate.