Read Love Poems


by BrightEyes71

Every days a crappy day,
because you make me feel the same,
no emotions is what you say,
you start to sound oh so lame

I hate the fact that you can't choose,
no matter if it was me or her,
holding both of our hands,
this dumb thats for sure

Don't you see how this is?
You can't have both of us!
sometimes I don't think you care,
you mind is filled with lust

Don't tell me that you care,
when all you do is lie,
I can't take this anymore,
It's time to say goodbye

You know that I still love you,
I want you just too much,
vut I can't stand the way you talk,
I don't need your gentle touch

I'm sorry if this hurts you,
but you probably will not care,
You've hurt both of us to much,
it's more than I can bear

Maybe sometime you'll understand,
and come back to me,
or come back to her,
but now you just don't see

For now I'm done,
abd I know so is she,
you think we'll come back,
just wait and you'll see

When you tell a girl,
that you have no feelings,
don't expect her to like you,
she wants someone who cares for her,
not someone like you

I know you probably care,
then you need to let us know,
because right now your not my friend,
you are my foe

If you can prove your different,
and stop playing tricks,
ethier let us both go,
or tell us and just pick

I won't be mad at you,
if you let us go,
at least we won't be in this mess,
at least we will know