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What Should I Do?

by LeAnNe

I sit here, lost in so many thoughts.
I can't think straight.
In my mind I can see your face.
In my mind I can hear your voice.
I'm wondering,
What should I do?
I don't know how you feel,
I don't know what you want.
I don't even know if,
I can let myself trust you.
I can't concentrate.
I keep thinking about what could be.
You and me.
I think about how much comfort,
Would come from a single touch.
A single touch from you.
I can almost feel it now,
Even just thinking about you,
I can feel my fears subside,
My pain growing wings.
And flying away.
Leaving me. The real me.
But is this really what will happen?
Or is it a false hope,
To protect me from the fear,
That in the end,
You will hurt me too.
I can't decide.
I close me eyes, and see your face.
Once again my pain returns,
And I'm still here, still wondering,
What should I do?