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My secret love.

by Chasityy

I don't know if you know,
But I love you so.
I'm so afraid to tell you though.
My love for you has grown.
But I'll keep it a secret
So no one will ever know.
Would my love for you be wrong?
This isn't my kind of song...
Just to hold your hand
Makes me loose my head.
To dream of you at night,
Makes me think you're my Mr.Right
I pray for you day and night.
You're the only thing that's right.
We're just friends right now,
You make me laugh and make my head unbow
Maybe Sometime I'll confess to you,
But until I do, I'll always have feelings for you.
Best friends forever you say.
You make my night turn into day.
You're my secret love,
That no one must know of.