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This Is Anything Except A Mistake

by Tiffany Marie

I loved him so much,
I decided that it was time,
To give him something,
Of a whole new kind.

I thought that I was too young,
But he reasurred me,
That he had loved me forever,
And he would never hurt me.

I trusted him,
And let him do what he wanted.
Now I got something new coming,
Something unwanted.

How could this be?
I am too young,
To have a child,
As quick as it sprung.

I never thought that this would happen,
At least not to me.
I thought that this only happened,
In shows on TV.

Now I know how they feel,
When they dont know what to do.
I want to be happy,
But that feeling is not true.

I will love this child,
No matter what,
I want to be its mother,

I am still in high school,
I need this time,
To be my own person,
And to take my time.

I dont know how to raise a kid,
I cant be a mom.
I havent even lived any of my life,
I havent even been to prom.

This is a win/lose situation,
There are going to be ups and downs.
We are going to start planing,
Start setting our grounds.

So, I have 9 months to think,
But no matter what,
I will have this child,
And with me he will live in our rut.

This was my creation,
That I can not fake.
This baby is many things,
But not a mistake.