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Love Always (To My First Love)

by LiL One

Dear First Love,

It took me along time,
to finally write this letter,
but I'm ready to tell you,
that your love only made me better.

I'm through with you,
so don't try to come back,
because my heart is weak,
and my mind is off track.

You dropped below my standards,
I held on for way too long,
I should've known better,
but I guess I was wrong.

The time we spent,
and all the times we shared,
made me think,
that you really cared.

I miss you,
but I know that this is the best for me,
although I still reminisce of the times we had,
I've realized it's better to be free.

I no longer care,
about what you do,
but I have one word of advice,
just be true to you.

You no longer have to worry,
about the hurt you bring my way,
it's not your problem,
I know I'm gonna be okay.

You left me hanging,
I'll never forgive you for that,
but then again I'll never forget you,
no matter where I'm at.

You changed me,
I wish I could have changed you from the start,
maybe someday you'll grow up,
but for now, you will always be in my heart.

Love Always,
LiL One