Read Love Poems


by Shalisa

My head is pounding hard
My heart is racing fast
I can't help but wonder
Could this really last

Sometimes when I look at you
I feel as though I'm lost
I don't want you to hurt me
Is this worth the cost

I have feelings for you
Feelings stronger than I've ever felt before
I'm so scared that you don't feel the same
and I just don't want to hurt anymore

It doesn't matter how many times you tell me
It's like I can't accept how you feel
why is it so hard for me to believe you
when you tell me your love is real

I have so much that I keep inside
and I cannot let you in
I keep my wall of bricks built high
so maybe it will hurt less in the end

I wonder how you feel
and what you think about me
I can't stand to look at myself
I hope you don't see what I see

I want to tell you exactly how I feel
how I think of you every second of the day
how I care more about you than anyone
and how I love you in every way

At first, I tried not to like you as much
I didn't dare give you my heart
But now my feelings are too strong
I can't play like I did at the start

I've already fallen for you
There's no turning back now
I can't hide my feelings anymore
I don't want to, and I don't know how.