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Used to Be

by ReBecca

Used to Be

I’m the woman now,
that you should have had then.
But I was too full of youth,
and committed to sin.

You were a hang up to me,
always blocking my game.
You loved me so much,
but I didn’t treat you the same.

You were my man…
but I always stepped out.
I turned your love to hate,
and filled you with doubt.

You’d question….
and I’d lie.
You’d huff and puff,
and I’d sigh.

I pretended innocence,
when I was wrong.
You put a smile on your face,
when you knew all along.

I left,
thinking you weren’t enough.
Said I was through,
with all your stuff.

Pretended I was right,
and YOU did me bad.
Never knew then,
what I could have had.

Now I’ve grown up,
in heart and mind.
I gave up something,
I can’t now find.

You’ve moved on,
while I was still sowing.
You turned to another,
when I finally began growing.

Now I’ve learned,
what I lost.
But to me,
it wasn’t quite worth the cost..