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Three Single Words

by alidblade

You are why i am still here
I can't describe how i feel when your near
I'd do anything for you
I love it when it's just us two
You are the best thing that's ever been in my life
Now that you're here I've put down my knife
Because of you i am still here
Life is no longer my greatest fear
It's hard to put into words
Cause i know your some one i don't deserve
You don't know how much you mean to me
If i hadn't met you, where would i be
You're so amazing theres no words to describe
Just exactly how much i love you inside
It's the way i feel around you
The feeling that you love me too
Your the person I'd spend my life with
As i let the feeling of love brilliantly writhe
It's three words i say endlessly
But it's something i mean wholeheartedly
It's these three words that everyone know
But if not meant is followed by pain and woes
I Love You is all i want you to know
So I will say them before my time to go
If you wake up and i am no more
That's the one thing I'd want you to know for sure