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Color my Happiness

by Sierra Rae

Always be true to me
Tell me what’s on your mind
Ask for my opinion
be honest even if not kind

Color me with happiness
From purple to yellow to blue
Fill my world with excitement
And fill it full of you

Take me out to dinners
And tell me I’m your world
I want to know you love me
And that I am your perfect girl

Color my happiness
With respect and honor and truth
Show me that your care for me
Will hold past our time of youth

Always stand beside me
Never in front or behind
I want to stand equal with you
And forever be in your mind

Be able to protect me
But don’t guard my every move
I need to know you’re there
But this you don’t have to prove

Treat me like an angel
But please don’t clip my wings
Because even if I take flight
I will never take off my ring

So color me with happiness
Which shouldn’t be hard to do
Because you are the only color in my world
I’d be lost in darkness without you