Read Love Poems


by FTS Miles

As the cycle of the seasons,
It is as both spring and winter
To the vital frailties
Of the human heart.

Whoever states there is
No season for love
Knows not love, and as often
Will come to a rude awakening.

For just as life is birthed
In the sunny womb of Spring,
So too is there a Spring
For conception of love in a soul.

As the summer offers comfort
And the mothering of life,
So too is there a summer
For parenting love in two linked minds.

Just as there is a fall to
Proclaim the maturity of land,
So too is there an autumn
For harvesting the rewards of love.

And just as winter comes
With its icy cleansing of life,
So too is there a withering
Of emotions which had taught so much.

So, you see, the cycle
Is there if but you look,
And feel, and live, and love.

Now tell me sister:
What season are you living?
And mine I'll share in time....