Read Love Poems


by Elina

This feeling inside
Is one I can’t share
It’s hard to express
What is truly there

I think about you
All day and all night
It’s hard to get your image
Out of mind and sight

I sit here alone
Try to figure it out
Why I feel like this
What it’s really about

I love you so much
With all of my heart
I wish I could tell you
I don’t know how to start

We’ve been friends forever
Through the thick and the thin
Told each other everything
Sincere I have been

What if I told you
You’re the one I think of?
That you are my everything
The one that I love

I’m scared to find out
What you might do and say
So it’s best that for now
My feelings are kept hidden away

I wish I could tell you
And reveal all of this
But I’ll be here waiting
For our very first kiss