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My very last thought of Us

by Holly

Your hand in hers and not mine
I thought id be the one by your side

She is were I thought I would be
Your with her and not me

She kisses you the way I wish I had
I’m not hurt, I’m not even mad

You fought for my attention
But your now giving her your affection

What we could have had I know
Your feelings you did so much to show

She’s in the place I thought I’d be
Your with her, I though you’d be with me

I fear I was the one who held back
Because courage is what I lack

I was who you spent hours with
I was unsure what I wanted to give

Again I’m the one to loose
This is just yet another bruise

You seeemed to want more
I thought it was me you were calling for

Now I know I was wrong
Or was it you who did me wrong?

Now even more confused
Beginning to think I was just used