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I'm Sure

by Katryna

I love when you hold me,
softly, in your arms.
Sheltered from reality
and all of its harms.

Safe from other people,
who only want us to be "through".
Captured in the moment,
by the beauty of me and you.

I love when you hold my hand,
tightly, by your side.
Showing that you love me
and that we have nothing to hide.

Proving to all others,
it doesn't matter what they think.
They can do whatever they want,
yet we still won't sink.

I love when you touch me,
gently, without a care.
Making it seem as though
we're the only two even there.

Stopping time, momentarily,
to look me in the eyes.
And wipe away any fear
of you ever telling lies.

I love when you kiss me,
rarely, but so sweet.
My butterflies go crazy,
every time that our lips meet.

Connecting with such power,
that my legs just want to melt.
A sensation rushes over me,
that I've never felt.

Such strong devotion,
and a love thats so pure.
I only thought it was real,
but now I'm sure.

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