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I Won't Give Up On Us Now

by Toni

It's two am, you're still on my mind
These sleepless nights leave me behind
So I sit here waiting for dawn to come
Thinking of the amazing things you've done

I know things haven't been good for a while
I've shouted at you, taken away your soft smile
Taking all my anger and problems out on you
I've felt so bad I haven't known what to do

Yet you took it all, didn't even retaliate
Even when my head filled with anger and hate
You stood there for me, right by my side
You told me that I no longer had to hide

Even when I made up excuses to fight
You understood, helped me to see the light
You had faith in me when others walked away
You have stayed by me every single day

Even when I told you to leave me alone
You sat close to me, making your care known
You listened to all my words of pain
You promised me the future wouldn't be the same

This week has been full of tears and strain
I've been so tied up in my problems and pain
I don't think I've told you enough how I feel
How I live for you and my love is still real

How you're the one and I still know this is true
How if you left me now, I wouldn't know what to do
Looking in your eyes, I know you're the one
I still know that together is where we belong

You make me feel safe; I've never felt that before
When you touch me I can feel your love so pure
I swear you're an angel sent from above
You stand by me and show me your love

You're the one I want, nobody else comes near
The thought of losing you fills my heart with fear
You're my first love and I know you'll be my last
I could never leave our love in the past

We have something so very special and rare
Plus a future filled with love and care
I'll stand by you whereever we will go
All of this I wanted you to know

I'm sorry for taking everything out on you
You're the only thing that's helped me pull through
Thankyou so much for all that you have done
I won't give up on us now...we've only just begun