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So Amazed By You

by Toni

From the very first day I saw your face
Something felt right inside
I knew that you could be the "one"
And from you I couldn't hide

I've fallen so madly in love with you
Can't bear to be on my own
When you leave, I don't know what to do
As I sit here and dream alone

You hold me close and wrap your love
Around my shattered soul
I melt away into your safe arms
Never thought I could be made whole

Every time you look in my eyes
This feeling stirs inside
It's almost more than I can take
Yet I never want to hide

I've never been this close before
To anyone in my life
I've never felt this way about someone
It's always been grief and strife

Yet you, I don't know what you do
But one thing I know for sure
You've made me fall in love with you
I need you more and more

And when you sleep, I stay awake
Just to hear you breathe
To trace my fingers across your skin
And feel the love you give

To make sure this just isn't a dream
That I'm actually here with you
Because when you touch me, it blows me away
...I'm so amazed by you

Seeing you in pain, as tears cloud your sight
Touches me deep within
The cause of this pain, I so want to fight
Even if it means I sin

The taste of your lips, the smll of your skin
Every little thing that you do
The way you look at me when you think I don't notice
The way you help me pull through

Baby every little thing that you do
Makes me fall a little deeper
The way you whisper in the dark
And the way you say I'm a "keeper"

The way I hope you'll never leave
The way I hope you'll stay
Because without your love, your touch, your smile
I couldn't survive one day...