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You said you loved me

by Lushed

I'd wake up in the morning,
Angry that i was alive.
I'd sleep every night,
Thinking there was no reason to survive.

Walking in a dream.
I was dead inside.
I wouldn't let myself be happy.
Everything, I denied.

But i stumbled when I met you,
I felt myself smile.
I cant believe I've changed so much,
You made my life worthwhile.

Everything changed in one moment.
The moment i heard you speak
When you said you loved me.
I felt my heart grow weak.

My happiness explodes within.
I cant believe its true!
My deepest dream fulfilled,
I owe all my happiness to you.

You saved my from my own darkness.
One day I might let you know.
How you are my only light,
and I won't let you go.