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Perfect in my eyes

by MeL JoY

I love those deep brown eyes
Eventhough they weren't true
Though you've done me wrong
I love everything you do

I long for your warm touch
Though for you it was only lust
I admire your personality
Though I know you weren't just

I'm dreaming of your love
Though I know it won't be there
I know that there's no chance
That you'd ever really care

So hard you made me cry
But still you can make me smile
Though I just wasted my time with you
No time was more worthwhile

I want you by my side
Though I know you'd again lie
I know that you can't love me
But for your love I'd die

Though I know I'd end up sad
I wish for a new start
Though I know you'd break it
I would still give you my heart

Cause I don't understand myself
But despite all the lies
You always were and ever will
Be perfect in my eyes..