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That one person...

by Rachel Ellison

That one person I thought would be there
Left me in the rain
And watched me fall
As I lost it all
I’ll never be the same.

He was the one I loved so much,
The one who looked in my eyes,
Told me how much he loved me,
Knowing it was all lies.

He never really loved me,
He never really cared
He just stole and broke my heart,
Overshadowing the memories we shared.

I’ve learned how love is
How it can tare you up inside
Bring joy into your life
Or make you want to die

It can end quickly
Or die slowly
It can leave you
Cold, bitter and lonely.

But as time went by my heart it healed
And with love from above my wounds were sealed
I’ll never forget that time in my life
When it all could have ended with a slice from a knife
But I turned to god, and I prayed everyday
And he finally helped me rinse him away.