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Swiftly Into Haunting Days

by FTS Miles

Swiftly into haunting days
Recklessly I craving ride,
So heedless of calmer ways,
Opting to oppose the tide.

Broken ties of Destiny
Hang limply frayed in my wake,
Severed through monotony
Or for evolution’s sake.
And so I howl my life creed,
Moments churning as I race,
'Til your face recalls a seed:
Future joys in a Past place...

Now have I stunned stumbled once,
Pon'dring your destination,
Judging your sudden presence,
Confused by tense elation.
Indivertible was I,
Path accepted and steady,
So in rage do I now cry,
For such as you unready.

In a Fool's advice I part
From experienced action,
And with a facet of heart,
Vie for guiding reaction.
Knowledge lies beneath your eyes,
But time stays your patient voice
From hinting of future ties;
Hence to pause is my soul choice.

The visions of sleepless nights
Echo our merging travels.
But shall I heed e'en such Sights
When unsought are your marvels?
Though obscure is what we'll sew,
Ruefully my Sight relays
Two rings as we blindly go
Swiftly into haunting days...