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I Am Dead.!!!

by Saravana Kumar S

It is 8 'o' clock in the morning,
and i'm still lying in my bed,
your thought gives me the warning,
that there are more pain ahead.

Pulling myself taking a deep breath,
i wash all the stain left by my eyes,
why there is the delay in my death,
can't god hear to my painful cries.

Dressed up neat and tidy,i walk out,
putting up a fake smile on my face,
for how long i have to do this,i doubt,
when am i going to give up this chase.

I'm no longer the man i once was,
people don't seem to realize this,
i don't really need their applause,
i need you,the one i really miss.

what am i going to do with this fame,
that god seems to be sending my way,
without you life is never the same,
then why is god giving me another day.

every second a piece of my heart is broken,
and the pain is such i can't even tell,
hopefully tonight my soul will be taken,
b'coz i don't wish to live in this hell.

As the sun sets,darkness seems to fall,
and people are getting ready to sleep,
i stay awake waiting for my death call,
because my soul i longer want to keep.

may be this is the last night of my life,
hopefully i won't get up from my bed,
tomorrow will bring an end to my strife,
and a message will be sent to you saying,
"I Am Dead"