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by In_Your_Eyes

You asked me tonight to tell you true
To tell you if I really loved you
I knew if I told you how I feel
You’d have to pay, so the truth I had to conceal

I’ve loved you since childhood
I would tell you that if I could
My true feelings I have to hide everyday
For it will always be my loved ones that pay

Sometimes you have to give up your own foolish pride
To be a hero inside
You may have to give up your dreams and your life
To save the world from all the strife

So as I hide my true identity
Being two people and trying to keep my serenity
I watch you make a new life
Now I have a new fight to fight

This is my last chance to tell you how I feel
But it’s too dangerous for my feelings to reveal
So for your safety I won’t
All I can say is I…don’t