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How I Feel ..

by FireCracker

I like you a lot
You have no idea how I feel
I know this because around you
I find it hard to keep it real

I barely know you
But what I know I already adore
I am not sure what it is but
Theres something to you I go crazy for

I love the way you laugh
I love the way you talk
I love the way you smile
And I love the way you walk

Theres so many of the million reasons
For everything I do
Because I'm normally never shy
But I am when It comes to you

Your eyes sparkle in the distance
Your smile lights up everyone else's face
Even when I hear your name
My heart runs at a much faster pace

I love how we now talk
And they way we have become friends
I hope to be more
But on you that depends

I’m pretty sure you don’t like me
But I’ll like you either way
Its hard to explain but around you
I'm at loss for words and never know what to say

I guess for right now
All we are is “Friends”
But I care so much I just hope
That isn’t how It ends