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My first

by Chelsea Rae

It was in the summer,
When I first saw your face.
You had the most beautiful green eyes,
And lips I wish I could taste.

I admired you from a far,
For my crush on you was kept inside.
Why get my hopes up?
Get my feelings washed away by the tide.

But I liked you a lot,
I wanted you all to myself.
I needed to get your attention,
It was a challenge in itself.

You hung out with me and my friends,
Going to the pool and taking walks at night.
You seemed to flirt with all of us,
Yet never did you let me out of your sight.

As time went on I wanted you even more,
I wondered if your feelings for me were the same,
Did you like me or did you not?
It was making me go insane!

We would watch movies in my basement,
Me cuddled up by your side.
You would hold my hand in yours,
My emotions I could not hide.

If I didn't tell someone how I felt,
My insides were going to burst.
I turned to my friends for help,
I explained to them he would be my first.

Individually they clued him in,
He admitted he liked me too.
Before I knew it he asked me out,
I was finally able to say "I love you."