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I Lost It On A One Night Stand

by CinnamonTwirl

When most girls think
Of their first time
I'm sure this is not
What they had in mind

4 days I knew him
To be exact
But in fact, it felt
A lot longer than that

I'm aware that this
Is not and excuse
But please kindly spare me
From such verbal abuse

Cause there was one thing
I didn't want to risk
To be loved and left
In one word dismissed

Thats why my boyfriend
Just wouldn't do
He could leave me
Sad, lonely and blue

So I saved the emotions
For another time
Cause he got his
And I got mine

I suppose that why
Is the age-old question
But worst comes to worst
We did use protection

Naughty I felt
And a slight sense of pride
Followed by tears
Swelling up in my eyes

I know this is not
The way things should happen
So please don't condemn me
I was young and dumb back then

I see him still
Every once in a while
But we do not speak
I nod and he smiles

That piece of me
I cant take back
I'm still not sure
If I'm fine with that

It happened to me
And ill be damned
I lost it on
A one-night stand