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The Story Of Your Rose...

by Saravana Kumar S

The rose that you threw from your head,
is now grown into a plant next to my bed,
it has left so many beautiful roses to see,
but i know only the thorns belongs to me.

Everyday i water the plant with my tears,
for every tear a beautiful rose appears,
you say these roses belongs only to you,
what about my tears,on which roses grew.

Even in darkness,i gave them the sunshine,
so that they could live with my life line,
you can see all those roses are only red,
because i give them life with my blood.

You can only see the beauty the rose shows,
but the pain behind those rose no one knows,
every rose is nothing but a piece of my heart,
that has died and given your rose a new start.

These roses are not grown to keep on ur head,
i want these roses on my grave when i'm dead,
so that i can feel you are always close to me,
living in my heart,even when my soul is set free.

you are one,whom in my life i would always miss,
i'm leaving behind your rose to understand this,
if you don't still understand my writing prose,
this poem is all about"The Story of Your Rose".