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Tears are not Enough

by ShAtTeRrEdTeArZ

My mind begins to wonder
My heart begins to race
As the memory of you
Drifts back into place

I got a picture of you smiling
With a sparkle in your eyes
You looked at me so gently
And kept me mesmerized

AS much as I tired
Your face wouldn't go away
Your eyes, your lips, your smile,
I thought of you all day

It was soon about 3
With you still on my mind
I thought while listening to music
In a flash it was 9

I made my bed
To get some rest
As I lay down
I thought of nothing less

The most important memories
Replayed over and over again
And I realized how I missed you
As the days replayed again

No, I hadn't known you very long
But you had such an effect on me
You captured my heart within a day
As I begin to fall wishing for you and me

The way it felt when we touched
The way you made me feel
It seemed that you were too perfect
To even be real

And that's when the tears
Begin to form in my eyes
They told myself how much I missed you,
But I did not want to cry

I hugged my teddy bear
To soften the pain
But it reminded me that it wasn't you,
And the tears they formed again

I remember the first night you kissed me,
How the silence spoke so many words,
There was so much silence but so much said,
you said nothing and I heard

I don't know why
Thinking of you hurts me so
It seems like we had both nothing and everything,
and I still can't let that go

I pick up the phone
With hope in my heart
I dial the number
Still sitting in the dark

The operator answered
I dial the number to your room
She connects me, no trouble
I might talk to you soon

But no surprise
Your gone yet again
She says you'll be home
She just doesn't know when

So I set down the phone
Curling up into a ball
Somehow convincing myself
That you don't care at all

So once again those days replay
But this time I let a couple tears fall
I stop myself before it gets to far
I let some of it go, but not it all

I want to cry but at the same time I don't,
But I know I have to be tough,
Because in my heart I know
That tears are not enough...