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I thought wrong

by Kaitlin Elizabeth

I thought we could be together.
But I thought wrong.
A lonely world without you
Must be where I belong.

I never thought of you
Being more than just a friend.
But I was really starting to think
You could make my heartache end.

My heart filled with joy
When you said you felt the same.
I never knew the day would come
I thought it was just a game.

I gave up so much
So I could be with you.
I figured a few more days wont hurt
But you already found someone new.

I know things change
Some things just grow old.
Hearts will be broken
And dreams eventually unfold.

Seeing you with her
Drives me insane.
But your happiness is more important
Than any of my pain.

If its her you want to be with
If its her who turns your sky blue
Im there for you 100%
No matter how much I still love you