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Why Do I Still Love You

by Kali

Everythings so silent
I cant hear a voice
So many feelings
I dont have a choice

Crying so softly
So I cant be heard
Everythings so confusing
Every little word

So many nights
Where I cant sleep
Dreaming of how much
You mean to me

Asking myself
Is this how I feel
Closing my eyes
On everything real

Wishing and praying
Wanting to know
Why I care for you
Why cant I let go?

Eyes filled with the tears
Heart filled with the fears
Mind so confused
Why do I still love you?

Everyones told me
I cant feel this way
You told me goodbye
Yet I need you to stay

Standing in place
For such a long time
I cant figure out
Why I want you to be mine

Youve broken my heart
And left me to cry
I feel so useless
But I cant say goodbye